The first open world in the series, the Pokémon legend Arceus

After the release of Pokémon Sword/Shield in 2019, a new 8th generation Pokémon will appear for the first time in three years. The Pokémon Legend Arceus (hereinafter referred to as Pokémon: Arceus) will be released on the Switch on January 28th next year. This title drew the attention of fans with a completely different gameplay from the previous Pokemon series. Set in the Shino region of the past, where there was little interaction between Pokémon and humans, the series’ first open world style shows enhanced action.
Pokemon: Arceus featured a wide, expansive field where different environments coexist. It foretells an active adventure of directly exploring the untouched wilderness by meeting various Pokémon according to place and time in harsh nature. Pokemon’s first open world action RPG Pokemon: What kind of game is Arceus?
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The history of the Shino region, the story of the Hisui region
Pokemon: Arceus is set in the Hisui region, the past of the Shino region. As it is the past of the Shino region, the main terrain that could be seen in the 4th generation Dialuga/Palgia is located here and there, and the Blessing Village, the prototype of the Blessing City, also appears. The protagonist is a member of the Eunhadan, located in Blessing Village, and goes on a journey to investigate the ecology of Pokemon and prevent the runaway of the ‘king’ and ‘queen’. As much as it depicts the past of the Shinno region, the NPCs encountered on this journey have similar appearances to those of the 4th generation Pokemon.
First of all, in the case of the main characters Youngbin and Yoonseul, they resemble Gwanghwi and Bitna, who were the main characters of the Sinoh region. There are Baek Eun, the owner of a bank store, presumed to be the ancestor of the gym leader Jun Jin, and Wollo, a wandering peddler who is expected to be the ancestor of the deaf champion of the Pokemon League in the Shino region. Finding similarities between the NPCs in the Pokemon series and the NPCs in this work is expected to be another fun thing
Explore the open world using the base camp as a base
Players will explore the open world in nature, encounter Pokemon, and meet various Pokemon and NPCs depending on the location, time, and weather. As much as exploring a wide field embodying the untouched nature of nature, essential functions for exploration have been implemented. Base camp and pocket rides.
The base camp serves as a research base in nature. You can return during the investigation to recover stamina, and use the crafting table to craft items that can be used in Pokémon battles. In particular, in the case of this game, it is one of the places to stop by because it requires not only the physical strength of the Pokémon, but also the physical strength of the main character, the player.
Pocket Ride, like the previous Pocket Ride, is a function to ride a Pokemon, and this time you can use it by blowing the ‘Gongshin’s Flute’. Noraki’s evolution form, Shin-Rok, has functions such as acceleration and jumping on the ground, helping to overcome obstacles and move quickly. Batsnai’s evolution form, Daesyouner, allows you to throw monster balls at Pokémon that inhabit rivers and seas. The Legion Form Warggle is in charge of the air and dives, but is a great help in the terrain and in the search for wild Pokémon.
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