Steam of the Day Steam Award Winners also occupy the sales charts

Steam Award Winners also occupy the sales charts
Steam Award Winners also occupy the sales charts
On the 4th, the list of winners of the Steam Awards was released, and various games that appeared in 2021 drew attention. Thanks to the awards, sales of award-winning films such as It Take Two and Cyberpunk 2077 increased significantly. Games that have already become famous, as well as games that have become famous once again after being named in the award-winning works, have taken over the top-selling Steam global rankings.
It Take Two has received attention at various 2021 game awards, including the 2021 The Game Awards, and has also been awarded the 2021 ‘More Fun Together’ game selected by Steam gamers. Cyberpunk 2077 overcame serious problems at the time of release and improved accessibility through continuous updates and discounts, winning the 2021 ‘Game with an Overwhelming Story’ chosen by Steam gamers.
In the case of Inscription, it was also nominated for the 2021 ‘Most Innovative Gameplay’ by Steam Gamers. Despite being an unfamiliar combination of horror deck building, it showed its presence by establishing itself in the top-selling charts immediately after its release. Even in the case of Rust, which was nominated for the 2021 ‘Parent’s Grace’ game selected by Steam gamers, it is firmly established in the top-selling and concurrent users rankings.
In the case of the highest daily concurrent users on Steam, there was no major change in the ranking within the top 10, but the ranking changed continuously below. In the case of 7 Days to Die, the rankings rose temporarily through a sale, but then went down again, and Final Fantasy XIV Online reclaimed that spot.
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