Origin of the Age of Exploration 2nd test, easy and no game of probability

The Age of Discovery, which gave many gamers the fun of sailing in the vast ocean, is back with a new game, Origin of the Age of Discovery. It was first introduced in 2018 as a work based on Age of Discovery 2, considered as the best work in the series, and succeeded in attracting the attention of gamers who longed for the past when they traveled around the world.

After completing the first test in January and reflecting user feedback, Line Games will start the second test on January 20 next year. If the first round was a difficult environment for new users to enjoy, this second round aims to be reborn as a game that anyone can enjoy by improving the overall convenience and complementing the system. Although it was short, the second test that I experienced in person definitely satisfies the needs of existing users and the effort to solve the difficulties experienced by new users stood out. Therefore, Game Mecca would like to introduce the game by adding the information that has been released so far to the 2nd test of the Origin of the Age of Discovery that has been played in advance.

▲ Official image of Origin of the Age of Discovery (Photo provided by Line Games)

As in the Age of Discovery series, it is basically a game with the sea as the main stage, so a boat is an essential element for any activity. Numerous ships based on historical facts exist, and they were briefly introduced as stochastic BMs in Origin of the Age of Exploration. However, this element of luck is missing in the upcoming second test. This is because of Line Games’ motto, ‘Get what you want through time and effort, not the existing BM’. When I made the ship myself, it was certainly at a level that could be made enough without paid goods if I put in effort, and it was enough to provide an option to purchase the missing parts separately. It seems unlikely that we will simply rely on low probability.

A collection element is also present in the ship system. When building a ship, there is a certain probability that a special ship will appear, and the ability is basically higher than that of ships of the same tier. Fortunately, it does not significantly affect the balance, and unless it is a high-grade ship, it is a stage that will pass quickly, so it is difficult to have more than a collection element. It has better performance, but you don’t have to risk your life to pull it out. Existing ships could also raise their stats through upgrades and seemed to be able to fill the gap.

▲ The core of the game is the ship (Photo provided by Line Games)

▲ Special ships appearing with a certain probability (Photo provided by Line Games)

One of the main contents of the game, sailing, is included in ship building. This is because battles, adventures, and trade are all made through voyages. Motif Director Lee Ik-gyu said, “To make a turtle ship, you have to go to Hanyang, and you have to contribute to the development of the city through the government office located in the city, so that the ban was made.” However, it does not mean that you can reach Hanyang just by going out to sea. This is because the sea area was blocked according to the level system for fear of abuse of the game system. This is the part that shows the intention of the development team to achieve ‘achieving through growth’.

There is also a non-face-to-face exchange where users can trade parts necessary for shipbuilding. Through this, users can easily get the parts they want, and the intention of the game company to control the value of goods to some extent by taking a certain fee was revealed. It was difficult to confirm at the time of the demonstration, but I thought that it would be actively used in the second test in which many users participate. If the balance can be maintained without being biased toward one side, it is expected to become a major factor in the official service in the future.


▲ Exchange system. Easy to understand market price changes (Photo provided by Line Games)

It is a game that recommends sailing and adventure, but it is not easy. The concept of traveling in the vast sea is certainly attractive, but the Age of Discovery series has been considered as one of the games with high entry barriers, whether online or on PC. However, Origin of the Age of Discovery showed efforts to improve popularity by fixing these parts. According to this director, in the first test conducted in January, there were many users who got lost and lost their way.

The part where this point came most quickly was the automatic movement system. You could easily move to that location just by clicking on the quest window, and navigation was also possible to automatically move to the place you wanted to go. Basically, the Age of Discovery series is a game that allows you to move around and engage in various activities without breaking the main quest, so it may not be a big deal for users who are accustomed to traveling the open world directly, but for gamers who are just starting out or are not familiar with the Age of Discovery Such kindness comes greatly.

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