Dunpa Mobile, ‘Classic’ and ‘Identity’ from the first impression

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The history of Dungeon & Fighter (hereafter Dunpa) mobile games is longer than you think. Various works have been released, such as ‘Dunpa Mobile Ear Test’, which was released as a feature phone version in 2010, ‘Dunpa Mobile Yeo Gunner’ as a smartphone game in 2012, and ‘Dunpa: Horn’, which drew attention as a 3D Dunpa in 2017. As such, Nexon has been making various attempts using Dunpa IP for a long time, and I think it must have learned a lot from the issues (operational problems and service termination) that occurred in the process.

So 2021 came, and Nexon released Dunpa Mobile once again. Although it was a test version, it looked more mature than previous works. When I actually played the game, it seemed to have brought the PC version as it was promised, but it was more convenient and convenient for the mobile environment. The story also has a more ‘classic’ feel as the battle begins at the previous point, and efforts were made to attract new users as well as existing users who felt nostalgic for the original.

▲ Dungeon & Fighter mobile standby screen (Photo: Game Mecca shooting)

Nostalgia of the original engraved everywhere

Players who enjoyed the existing Dunpa will feel the familiar scent from the BGM that flows from the main screen. Yes. ‘You of the Wind’ welcomes the player. When the bell that was called Dunpa’s fundamental BGM and made many gamers goosebumps started to ring again, I felt like my emotions were inflated for some reason. From the outset, Dunpa Mobile opted for a strategy to heighten expectations by evoking nostalgia for the original, which certainly worked, at least for gamers of the original. Even the reporters were watching it blankly.

This nostalgia continues through the story. At the same time as the game started, the famous Scream Cave story began. The scene in which the four Weapon Masters and Roxy fight the Fifth Apostle ‘Intangible Sirocco’, who has been transferred to the Scream Cave, is presented in a beautiful cutscene, and ends with a tragic ending just like the original story. Daejeon is the same as the intro cartoon shown on previous PCs. As the mobile version starts with that scene, it is expected to occupy a high proportion in the future story just like the PC version.

▲ Linus, who is now a full-bodied man (Photo: Game Mecca shooting)

▲ Sirocco mentioned Lotus and Diregie. The original lines are the same (Photo: Game Mecca shooting)

▲ Aganzo fell down protecting Roxy. It was the direct cause of the runaway (Photo: Game Mecca shooting)

▲ Aganzo sending Roxy away. Feeling sad (Photo: Game Mecca shooting)

In the test version, there were ear swordsmen, female fighters, male gunners, female wizards, and female priests, and the number of job changes that could be played was limited. Since only one character can be created here, I couldn’t experience all the jobs. So, the reporter picked the Roman character Gunner and prepared to enter Arad. Classical music flowed from the entrance, raising expectations, so the thought naturally came to mind, ‘Are there any professional intro videos?’ This became a reality. The video of the scene falling from heaven to the middle ocean was captured as it is. Also in full voice.

When you arrive in Arad, the real play begins. It is similar in that you only need to rescue Seria from the goblins and start an epic adventure in Lorien, but here a new element, the fall of the Behemoth, intervenes in the story, and the original character ‘Laraa’ appears in the moonlight tavern afterwards. It feels like it follows the original story, but adds some of the differences unique to Dunpa Mobile. Here, it suggests that the subsequent story may be different from the original, and it would have taken into account gamers’ curiosity about ‘what part of the story that will unfold in the future will be different’. This is part of the attempt to provide a story that both new and existing users can be satisfied with.

▲ A scene that clearly shows the fashion of Nam Gun-na at that time (Photo: Game Mecca shooting)

▲ It’s a familiar space… Suddenly the Behemoth falls? (Photo: Game Mecca shooting)

An improved experience for mobile

Dunpa Mobile worked hard on the nostalgia and story development of the original, but I could feel that it paid attention to the controls, convenience, and graphics. On the contrary, it was to the extent that the PC version was even better than the PC version.

First of all, auto-combat was not supported for the unique sense of action of Dunpa, and in most sections, you had to play while manually manipulating the character. It was more difficult to control the details than the keyboard, but to make it easier, various functions were supported, so I did not feel any inconvenience in actual play. Typically, mobile devices such as sliding and backstab showed a natural connection by dragging the basic attack key in the desired direction, and through the combo arrangement function, up to four skills could be used continuously with one button. It is to help with fine-grained control through the simplification of operation.


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