DJ Max, which received rave reviews for Nexon collaboration, now focuses on new DLC

On October 28th, a collaboration between DJ Max Respect V, which has established itself as one of the highest-grossing PC rhythm games, and Nexon Games was held. The combination of Neowiz Loki Studio’s music remixing ability, which is recognized by any rhythm gamer, and the BGM of Nexon’s popular game, which left many famous songs, thrilled many gamers, and the results were also explosive. Some users even said that the 21 songs included in the Nexon Pack were not enough, and they wished they would release a follow-up expansion pack as soon as possible.

It must have been a difficult task for Neowiz and Nexon to select only 21 of the many Nexon game songs that contain the memories of gamers in their 20s and 30s. Naturally, fans wanted to enjoy more songs, and voices demanding follow-up content are high. Game Mecca gathered these questions and conducted an interview with DJ Max Respect’s Baek Seung-cheol (BEXTER) PD.

Q. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Baek Seung-cheol PD (hereafter Baek): Hello. My name is Seungcheol Baek (BEXTER), who is in charge of DJ Max Respect PD.
Q. Nexon Pack is gaining a lot of popularity among users.

Baek: I expected that there would be a lot of interest because it was a collaboration with Nexon games that were well received in terms of music, but I was surprised that they showed interest and liked it more than we thought. We are having fun together.

Q. DJ Max has been well-received for its DLC that contains music from rhythm games such as Demo Pack and Cytus Pack. However, the expansion pack containing the OST of a game company is definitely a surprise. I’m curious about the motivation behind this collaboration.

Beck : It wasn’t a collaboration DLC, but it already contains League of Legends music like POP/STARS and Get Jinxed, so I don’t think it’s very different from those packs. However, it may be a little different that it is a collaboration with a developer rather than a specific IP. At first, we discussed collaborating with one or two game IPs of Nexon. However, as for the music of Nexon games, we judged that there are many works with great quality in various games, so I was greedy and proceeded in the direction of recording music from more diverse games.

▲ Collaboration with a representative rhythm game DLC Demo Citus Pack (photo source: Steam official website)

Q. There are a lot of Nexon game OSTs, so you must have had a hard time choosing them. Was there a standard you looked at mainly in selecting this song?

Baek: The music of each IP is subject to various restrictions such as contractual relationships. Therefore, first of all, Nexon provided a list of available and recommended music. We wanted to include music from as many games as possible on the list, so we went through a few tuning processes before selecting songs.

Q. Remixing music that has already gained popularity in Korea to fit the DJMAX style is not an easy task. Were there any pressures on this Nexon Pack remix?

Baek: Actually, it was a lot of pressure. This is because the original song is so popular and great, and there were some concerns that it might damage the good memories of the music that gamers have. However, if the original song is recorded in the game as it is without remixing, the fun that users feel may decrease, and even worse, bad feedback may occur. That’s why we carefully prepared the remix, paying attention to that part.

Q. As there are many OSTs, some users are curious about whether the Nexon Pack will be released as a series.

Baek: It would be nice if there could be a sequel, but basically, collaboration doesn’t happen because we want it. It seems that additional discussion is necessary in this area, but I think it will be difficult in the short term.

▲ Collaboration with Nexon Game was well received overall (Photo provided by Neowiz)

The Nexon Pack is definitely a well-received DLC, but DJ Max Respect V has been running briskly with numerous expansion packs since its release. In addition, according to what was revealed through the official YouTube channel in September, some of the schedules are scheduled until 2023 as well as next year. So, about two years after the game was officially released on Steam, I asked about the current situation and the expansion pack to be released soon.

Q. There have been many ups and downs since the official release. What was the driving force behind DJMAX’s ability to release so many DLC and provide content to gamers?

Baek: I think it’s probably because a lot of people like it. To add a bit of business to this, the steady sales volume seems to have been the driving force behind the steady introduction of new DLC. Sales are also sales, but apart from that, it feels good because the developers who put their utmost effort into making each DLC seem to be well conveyed to the fans.

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