Distera completed the 2nd test, training is simplified, battle is intensified

Survival games are a genre that is consistently loved on Western game platforms, including Steam. This is because, in some cases, you can enjoy the fun of the gun shooting genre as well as the high degree of freedom where you can freely build your own residence and enjoy content on a wide map. ‘Distera’, developed by Reality Magic, a domestic developer, and prepared by Kakao Games, is an open world crafting survival game that uses this principle well.

This Distera conducted a second test on the 16th. If you include the alpha test conducted in March, this is already the third test. While the previous tests focused on seeing if the game worked properly, this time, the key was to understand the things that intrinsically lead to gameability, such as the fun of the game and the density of content. To find out more about the goal and release plan of this test, we conducted a written interview with Reality Magic CEO Kim Seong-gyun.

▲ Reality Magic CEO Kim Seong-gyun (Photo provided by Kakao Games)

Q. What kind of feedback was received during the last test, and how was it reflected in this test?

There were many opinions about the balance, such as pointing out that it is difficult to quickly recognize Distera’s unique systems, and defending the player’s base and fighting with NPCs. In this test, the importance of each system was divided so that even beginners could gradually get used to it, and it was arranged so that it could survive more easily at the beginning and be prepared to compete with other players later. In addition, the effort required to manage the base has been greatly reduced so that you can focus more on the battle, and the growth curve for each tier has been adjusted much faster.

Q. What has changed since the global test in July? In particular, I wonder if there are any changes to the fostering system, such as crafting and protocols.

The focus was on making combat more enjoyable than repetitive survival actions. In July, the explanation of the system that is important to beginners was somewhat insufficient, and even after passing the beginner’s stage, I had to spend too much time surviving. However, in this test, crafting and training were simplified. For example, in the past, each type of item had to be crafted in a different way, but now most items need only be crafted in one or two ways. In addition, the direction of nurturing the machine arm became clearer in a direction different from the development using the item.

▲ In this test, I was able to enjoy gun shooting in earnest (Photo provided by Kakao Games)

Q. One of the changes in this test was tutorial reinforcement. Please explain in detail how it has changed compared to the last test.

If the tutorial in the last test was at the level of listing the main functions, this time, it is structured so that even beginners can easily follow and learn the system necessary for survival. In addition, the UX has been overhauled to make it clearer where and what to do.

Q. Through the last test, you appealed for a harsh environment compared to other domestic games, but it seems that it is difficult to appeal to light users.

First of all, the difficulty will not increase significantly even in the darkest time because the difficulty change due to the flow of day and night has been greatly reduced. In addition, the initial guide system has been configured so that you can naturally learn the process of finding, acquiring, and procuring necessary items in the early stages of play. In addition, the problem of creating a vicious cycle of difficulty due to beginner encounters with other players too early has been corrected by relocating the map’s regional difficulty and population density. As there were many opinions about the siege balance of the base in the last test, the siege role for each weapon was also clearly distinguished.

▲ It has been changed to make it easier for beginners to adapt, including strengthening the tutorial (Photo provided by Kakao Games)

Q. I wonder if you are considering perks that encourage users to successfully survive and finish a chapter and then continue playing again.

In the past, it was just a stand-by at the end of the world, but now the elements to be prepared for the time of the apocalypse and elements that are connected when the world is restarted have been arranged. The state of the world at the time of the end will affect the state of the world you start anew on the same server. In the future, this will be linked to the player’s permanent achievements and will be developed into a system that is very important to the survival of the clan.

For example, Fortnite and Apex Legends have shown this element.

Areas and NPCs appearing in each map will unravel the scenario of the season, describing past and present events in the space residence Orbis and the destroyed Earth.

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