A genius hacker who shines only when it is right, Overwatch ‘Sombra’ experience story

If you look at action movies, there is a so-called ‘hap’. In order to enhance the fun of seeing in battle, the action is completed by matching the movements as if the opponent and I were matching blocks. In order to complete a wonderful scene, it is important for me and the other person to breathe. In other words, a dramatic scene can be created only when ‘hap’ is correct. And this also applies to ‘Overwatch’. Even in ‘Overwatch’, where 6 heroes with different strengths work as a team, ‘unity’ with allies is more important than anything else for victory.

This is an unwritten rule for the new hero, Sombra, who made a splendid debut at BlizzCon. It is a video of a secret mission in collaboration with ‘Reaper’ and ‘Widowmaker’. For ‘Sombra’, who meets gamers for the first time, cooperation with allies is not an option but a necessity. In the video, ‘Sombra’ appeared as a hero helping the team from behind rather than jumping into an all-out war.

Master of Shake, what’s the difference between Tracer and Sombra?

Before we get into the full story, let’s briefly review the main contents of ‘Sombra’. ‘Sombra’ uses a ‘machine pistol’ that fires bullets quickly at close range as its primary weapon. And like other heroes, he uses 4 skills. ‘Hacking’ that binds one nearby enemy to use their skills for a certain period of time, ‘thermo-optical camouflage’ that completely hides itself from the battlefield for about 5 seconds, ‘Location Transformer’ that returns to that location when installed and used, Lastly, there is ‘EMP’ that makes all nearby enemies unable to use skills for a certain period of time.

▲ ‘Overwatch’ Sombra play video (Video provided by Blizzard)

Here, ‘Sombra”s basic attack does little damage but is very fast, and its movement speed is also good. These characteristics combine with stealth and teleportation, and ‘Sombra’ plays an active role as a hero who can hit and run. You can hide yourself and surprise the opponent, or use the ‘position changer’ to attack the enemy and then fall back to confuse the opponent. This point is similar to the ‘tracer’, who is good at playing to shake the opposing team frantically based on ‘back in time’. Here, the base HP is also 200, which is relatively low compared to other heroes.




▲ ‘Sombra’ who is good at hitting and falling (Photo provided by Blizzard)

However, ‘Tracer’ and ‘Sombra’ have completely different play styles. Both are good at ‘wiggling’, but ‘Tracer’ is more aggressive and ‘Sombra’ focuses on supporting the other team members. First of all, in the case of ‘Tracer’, he has a ‘pulse bomb’ that can inflict great damage to the opponent. Therefore, rather than moving with a team member, ‘Tracer’ moves around the battlefield and shows an independent action by blowing a strong blow with a ‘pulse bomb’.

On the other hand, in the case of ‘Sombra’, basic attack power and stamina are low, and like ‘Tracer’, there is no skill that can inflict damage strong enough to kill an enemy. Unlike the ‘Tracer’, which can be used immediately after the cooldown comes back, the ‘Position Converter’, which can move instantly, only returns to the original location where the device was installed, so its usage is relatively passive. Therefore, cooperation with other team members is of paramount importance in order to effectively utilize ‘hacking’ that makes the enemy hero incapacitated for a certain period of time. In other words, ‘Sombra’ is a hero who can show his true face when he moves with his allies rather than alone.

▲ Collaboration with the team is more important than anything else (Photo: Blizzard)

▲ Hacking can prevent use of objects on the map (Photo: Blizzard)

Win or lose depends on who you are with, the importance of cooperation

As mentioned earlier, ‘Sombra’ is the master of ‘shake’ specialized in support. Stealth, teleportation, and even hacking. Although it possesses various skills, the help of allies is absolutely necessary for this skill to show its true value. If you think it is, you can defeat the enemy by hacking the opponent with ‘stealth’ and tying the skills and then attacking, but in practice, it is not as easy as it sounds. First of all, ‘stealth’ doesn’t last long, and it takes a few seconds to complete the opponent’s hack. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have an ally to buy free time or attack the enemy together after hacking.

▲ After hacking the opponent

▲ In order for ‘Sombra’ to do its job, it needs a reliable team member (Photo: Blizzard)

This characteristic of ‘Sombra’ is also prominently displayed in the ultimate stage. As mentioned earlier, the ultimate skill of ‘Sombra’ is ‘EMP’, which temporarily binds all nearby enemy’s skills to ‘unusable’. It is a powerful crowd control device that can instantly grab the enemy’s ankles, but in order to make good use of this moment, the help of allies who will attack the enemy is absolutely necessary. In other words, after ‘Sombra’ uses her ultimate skill, it is possible to use the pincer attack of multiple heroes to catch the opposing heroes at once, allowing for a tactic that captures an advantageous timing.





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