12 most anticipated mobile games to be released in Korea in 2022

The sun of the black tiger was bright. This year is going to be a really busy year. There is a presidential election, and it seems like the last day that the Pyeongchang Olympics ended, a new winter Olympics will be held. Oh, and the Hangzhou Asian Games, where e-sports was adopted as an official event, will also be held.

In fact, new games are more important to gamers than major events like these. In particular, since last year’s various anticipated works betrayed us, the new works this year attract more attention. The same goes for mobile games. Let’s find out what’s in the new domestic mobile games that will be active with the tiger’s energy.
It is a mobile action RPG based on Dungeons & Fighters and is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of this year. Unlike the previous Dunpa IP-using mobile games, which were criticized for being harsh, it boasted a higher level of perfection and received favorable reviews. In particular, everyone did not deny that it perfectly melted the unique action characteristics of Dunpa through 100% manual combat. From the perspective of users who enjoyed the original, it would be good to take this opportunity to enter the nostalgia of the past, and from the perspective of users who do not know the original, it would be good to enter Dunpa.
Diablo Immortal, the first mobile game in the Diablo series, will be released in the first half of the year. It was originally scheduled for release at the end of last year, but has been delayed. When it was first released, it provoked the worst reaction, but through several tests, its gameplay is gradually being recognized. Above all, Diablo’s unique atmosphere, power, and fun of control are well-revived, which is why it is receiving much attention. If there is no further delay, it is assumed that the game will be successful even after its release.
Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness’, which Vespa is jointly developing with Hive of Japan, is also scheduled to be released in the first half of the year. It is a work that utilizes the Shining Series IP, which is the representative game brand of Sega in Japan and the heyday of JRPGs, and draws a story 1,000 years after the original. It features high-level ‘Ever Soul’, which is scheduled for service this year, is a work developed by Nine Arc and published by Kakao Games. Based on a medieval fantasy world in a post-apocalyptic setting, it is a collectible RPG that offers high quality animation-style graphics. As of November of last year, it was said that it was about 80% complete, so I look forward to meeting you soon.
graphics and a combat method that independently interprets the turn-based RPG unique to Shining Force.
▲ ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ is finally ready for departure (Photo provided by Kakao Games)

The very game ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’, which heated up the Japanese archipelago last year, is finally landing in Korea. The nonsensical combination of horse racing and beautiful girl is attracting interest, and it is a work that domestic gamers are looking forward to as it has not only the fun of nurturing, but also the game characteristics of a race boasting insane speed and power. A release is promised in the first half of this year, so let’s wait a little more patiently.


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